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AI Voices - Too Artificial, Not Enough Intelligence

One of the UK's smaller radio stations is now using AI to power it's hourly sports bulletins. The...

Euan McMorrow

The Scary Staff Cost of Getting Your Music Wrong

The cost of getting your in-store background music wrong is frighteningly high. As proven by one ...

Euan McMorrow

How to get in-store music right

Getting your background music right for your store can lead to increased profits. Find out how.

Euan McMorrow

Music and Football

Football background music

Euan McMorrow

Just why would you do this to your brand?

When background music is bad and how to make it great.

Euan McMorrow

Music, Radio and Podcasts

How to get your background music right and make a profit from it, the dangers of bad music for re...

Euan McMorrow

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