The Scary Staff Cost of Getting Your Music Wrong

Euan McMorrow

July 10, 2024

Our team always have a store's staff in mind when programming an in-store music channel.

While the customers are always the primary audience, store colleagues hear the music all day every day and if it isn't right for them, it'll soon start to grate.

The right music can keep staff motivated, productive and eases stress. The wrong music has the opposite effects. 

Here's a selection of comments from a noticeboard for staff of a major UK retailer discussing recent changes to the music the stores play.

This is a stark example of the cost of getting your music wrong. The music (that the retailer is paying six figures for) is demoralising staff. In fact it's affecting their mood so much they are turning the music down, that mean the customers don't get to hear the advertisements or the music. This retailer is paying money to have their marketing hidden from their primary audience.

In a nutshell, bad music is costing this retailer a lot of money. All because the wrong music is creating negative emotions. Store music should be the other way round, great music creating powerful positive emotions and behavior. Rather than being a cost, getting it right gives a return on investment.

Euan McMorrow is the Managing Director of AVC Music. Want to have a chat? Hit contact us at the top of the page.

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