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The Power of Music

Music has the power to increase customer engagement, time spent in stores and repeat visits. In other words, music directly influences customer behaviour. It can't be any old music, in fact the wrong sort of music can turn customers away to your competitors. In store music is too important to be an afterthought.

"AVC have provided a bespoke brand appropriate music offering for our BMW and MINI Retailers since 2014.  Sound is a key factor in creating a premium showroom ambience and AVC’s music offering elevates the customer experience, with carefully selected brand appropriate showroom music that our customers expect and deserve from our brand.”


Getting it right

All music isn't made equal

Playing the right music for your store increases your bottom line. Find out how the music you play, influences what your customers pay.

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Hit the street

How the UK's stores sound 

Are you a music star or a noisy pain? Our Sound of the Stores 24 report reveals which sectors are smashing it with music and where the problems are. It's launching in May, sign up to receive your free copy when it's released.

Cost effective

Music Licensing Costs

What are the costs of music licensing? What are the most cost effective ways of having music in your stores, without having to shell out for expensive licences? Download our guide to music licensing and the alternatives - sometimes called royalty free, copyright free or licence free music

Am I doing it right?

Is your music working for you 

Do your own benchmarking survey and see. Try it for your stores and your competitors.

Warning signs

I already play music and it sounds fine to me

There are hidden dangers in exposing your customers to the music your staff likes, streamed playlists or even worse. Are you doing that? Find out how you could be turning your customers off spending.

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