With 25 years’ experience and expertise of providing music for business, you can trust AVC Music.

AVC Music is a division of AVC Immedia and provides music for business. It grew from the core company first started by ex-Radio 1 DJ Bruno Brookes in 1999. Today, AVC Music is led by joint Owner/Director, Euan McMorrow, a music fan and broadcasting expert with commercial radio experience across England and Scotland. His impressive track record includes growing record audience figures for radio stations he worked for and winning many awards for creative broadcasting including a prestigious Sony Radio Award for Programmer of the Year.

Euan’s expertise is a key part of the bespoke music and audio solutions we would provide for your company, customers and staff. His huge experience of best practice (and observing worst practice) will ensure that your company avoids the possibility of irritating customers and staff with personal or repetitive playlist choices or even harming your brand with inappropriate choices. Indeed, some companies don’t realise the damage that can be done by the cheap music options or the increasing trend towards empowering “DIY DJs”!

The dedicated AVC Music team also deliver outstanding customer service – yes, real people you can talk to! They have collectively been responsible for launching and leading many of our flagship services with customers including Nationwide, JD, Subway, BMW/Mini, IKEA, Headmasters to name but a few.


As part of the AVC Immedia Group, we collectively deliver the multi-media content and digital solutions provided to global businesses and organisations, who are investing in internal and/or brand communications. We passionately believe that business is a partnership, not a transaction.

Our Approach

If you just want background music, that’s fine; we can deliver something professional that fulfils that need in the most cost-efficient manner. Some providers can over complicate what is essentially a simply solution.


However, a fundamentally different approach, and one we recommend, is using music as part of a strategy to reinforce your brand and influence how your customers and your staff think, feel and behave. For example:


  • In terms of customers, would you like to increase customer engagement and time spent in your stores? Would you like shoppers to feel less rushed and as a result, spend more? Do you want them to be excited and make more impulse buys? Would you like to build brand loyalty?   

  • In terms of staff attitude, behaviour and productivity, would you like to help improve their memory and mental alertness? How about improving their mood and motivation? Would you like to support their well-being by helping to reduce harmful stress and even blood pressure? Happier staff not only leads to higher retention but also means a better customer experience.


Music has the power to do this – if delivered by experts.

We simply offer three choices


You and your customers getting the right music, in the right place at the right time. Every time.


The right music and messages promoting your products, services, promotions and brand engagement. Driving your bottom line harder.


Have your own radio station where the presenters are in store influencers and ambassadors. Creating an experience your rivals can't match.

“Your product is quite frankly excellent. We use live radio to voice important updates to the entire business in one go. The staff love it.”  

— CEO, Europe's leading Health and Beauty Retailer

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